Produce exclusive artist live performance and interview videos for a classic American brand


Zippo Manufacturing Company is one of America's most established and most loved brands, and a company indelibly linked to music. Having spent several years programming Zippo Encore, the music section of their site, we pitched a new idea: exclusive artist interview and live performance videos.

The idea was to visit emerging and established artists in their natural habitat - clubs – sit down for a chat, then capture them rocking out. The resulting embeddable videos were posted on YouTube and spotlighted on the Zippo Encore site.

We presented a detailed proposal and budget to Zippo that covered 12 exclusive artist videos. Once it was greenlit we set to work identifying 12 artists that would represent the full spectrum of Zippo's favorite genre: heavy rock. The resulting line-up is as varied as it is awesome, including alt-rock radio mainstays Middle Class Rut, pysch-rockers White Hills, garage upstarts The Orwells, Canadian classicists Black Mountain, and legendary 90s post-punk outfit Shiner, who reunited for 4 shows only, one of which was captured by our crew.

The production logistics for these videos (shot at venues around LA) were daunting, requiring us to coordinate with club bookers, talent agents, artist managers, tour managers, venue staff and of course the artists themselves. Ultimately, our pre-existing relationships and decades of wearing every conceivable hat in the music industry made us uniquely qualified to pull this off.


12 tightly constructed, engaging videos that spotlight some of the best emerging and established heavy rock artists on the planet. Huge brand visibility for Zippo among the heavy rock audience, and reinforcement of the brand's reputation as a musical tastemaker. Finally, an opportunity for Zippo to leverage the popularity of the featured artists (all of whom promoted the videos via their official sites and social media channels) to put more eyeballs on Zippo products.