Sourcing and licensing songs to pre-load into retail product displays


Oxnard, California-based portable and car audio accessories brand Scosche Industries was in a pickle. They needed a handful of songs to pre-load into 1,000 product demonstration kiosks, but their budget was tight. They’d reached out to a major music publisher, but the quote was steep for even the smallest artists, and would only allow them to get two songs.

After speaking with their team we immediately knew we could offer a better solution. Their needs were simple – 4 or 5 well-produced, great-sounding songs from emerging artists – and right smack in our wheelhouse. Our proprietary BrandsForBands online licensing platform was literally made to accommodate needs like this one.

Over the course of a week we worked with Scosche’s team to dial in the rights they needed and their budget, then drafted licenses including these specifics. We created a Scosche opportunity in BrandsForBands, then announced it to the hundreds of record labels and other music providers who use the site regularly.

The response to Scosche’s opportunity was predictably huge, yielding over 2,000 licensed songs in a week. While we submitted a list of our 50 favorites to Scosche for review, they ultimately used BForB’s robust search functionality (which allows clients to search by genre, mood, sounds like, keywords and many other attributes) to find the 4 winning songs themselves. Once the songs were chosen, we collected hi-resolution audio files for inclusion in the kiosks and delivered them along with the signed licenses.


Scosche got twice as much bang for their buck, in a fraction of the time it would have taken had they worked with a major label or publisher. They were also able to dictate the exact terms and fee of their opportunity, achieving a level of customization and control that’s impossible when dealing directly with big labels and publishers.