Booking and licensing artists for Live Outside 2015


As one of the world’s premier outdoor gear brands, JanSport is all about cultivating the spirit of adventure to the fullest. They’re also big believers in the transformative power of art and music. So when they needed help with the 2015 iteration of their Live Outside campaign, we were happy to help.

2015 Live Outside consisted of two music and art activations in Sao Paulo, Brazil and San Francisco. Our role was to identify and book bands to perform at each event, then license their music for the resulting video assets.

First, we worked extensively with JanSport and their agency, TEAK, to advise on costs and dial in deliverables.

Next, We relied on our extensive network of labels, managers, agents and promoters to research potential feature artists and present TEAK with an extensive list of artist options. Once the bands were chosen, we handled all negotiations on behalf of TEAK and JanSport, and coordinated with the bands' management and on-site TEAK staff to make sure everything went smoothly.


Great artists for two of JanSport’s biggest activations of the year, on budget and on time. With us handling all aspects of artist sourcing and booking, JanSport and TEAK were able to focus on making their events the best they could be.