Our proprietary BrandsForBands online music licensing system makes us uniquely qualified to fulfill the music needs of brands, filmmakers, game developers and others looking for quick, affordable, licensed music (from real bands and artists) for use in promotional web videos.

The way it works is simple: record labels and other music providers upload their music directly to the system, then license it electronically in seconds for our clients' opportunities. The result is fully licensed music in minutes, not days or weeks, and a constantly updated pool of pre-licensed songs that can be used instantly, whether you're in an edit bay or on location.

While we encourage heavy music users to set up an opportunity in BrandsForBands (it's just easier and more efficient), you're not required to. If you're a brand or other creative venture looking for music and you'd simply like peruse/search the collection and possibly license songs on an “a la carte” basis, just drop us a line and we'll shoot you a login.  


To see recent examples of songs licensed via BrandsForBands being used in promotional web videos, click on the image at right.