Welcome to Brandracket.


We're a full-service music creative and licensing agency based in Los Angeles, with outposts nationwide. We help our clients use music and the power of established artists to promote and enrich their brands, products and services. 


We don't rep specific artists or record labels for placements. Instead, we constantly source and license music from hundreds of providers with whom we have deep relationships. Think of us as Switzerland: we're neutral. We have no obligation to pitch specific music, and no agenda other than providing our clients with the best music available, no matter where it comes from. 


We're experts at sourcing, licensing and programming music for deployment across multiple technology platforms, including online, mobile, consumer electronics, film, TV and video games (and when "they" invent new platforms, we'll license music for those, too).


Our services are fully customizable and run the gamut from music-infused social media promotions to artist-based initiatives to traditional licensing for films, television, webisodes and video games. Ultimately, it all comes down to helping our clients use compelling music to succeed.


Our proprietary music licensing system BrandsForBands lets content providers upload their music directly to us, then license it electronically for inclusion in our clients' projects. The result? Fully licensed music - from real artists and labels - in minutes, not days or weeks.


BrandsForBands is not a music library, at least not in the traditional sense. Yes, we aggregate fully licensed, affordable music for quick use by brands, filmmakers, game developers and others, and our ever-growing collection of thousands of songs is fully searchable by a multitude of criteria. But here's the kicker: the music we provide is from real artists and labels. If you need super cheap, generic production music, we encourage you to go to an actual library. But if you put a premium on real songs from real artists – those that are likely to tweet and post and otherwise talk about their involvement with your brand or project, thereby putting more eyeballs on your products and positioning you as cool brand – BrandsForBands is for you.


So...how can we help you?